Business Mentors of NJ is a unique organization of professional consultants serving small business, dedicated to assisting clients in: the development of their management team, building their business, and profitably growing their company.

Mentoring is different than consulting.

The dictionary defines a consultant as a person who merely gives expert advice or opinions. A mentor, on the other hand, is a wise, loyal and trusted, counselor, teacher, and coach.

At Business Mentors of NJ we truly care about our clients. We get involved with their organization and focus on improving both efficiency and effectiveness.

We teach and implement proven business management techniques.

Why use our mentoring service?

We solve small business challenges!

  • Efficiency

Mentoring small business clients is all we do; therefore, our experienced professional mentors can get involved with a client as no one else can.

  • Objectivity

We bring a fresh viewpoint and approach, providing information, techniques and processes, free of politics, pressures or bias.

  • Expertise

We offer a unique service, based on sound, proven business practices, customized to address the particular needs of each client.

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