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[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Tom Curtin’ subtitle=’President’ link=’http://’ linktext=”]

“…During the course of this engagement, our corporate culture has changed. We now have a documented mission statement, an organizational structure with clearly defined job descriptions, performance-tracking tools, a performance based incentive system and a predetermined profit budget and planning tool. Ken Loewenstern identified a return on investment of more than $1,800,000…”
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“…. Ken has assisted us on several major issues facing our business.  He helped us develop our marketing strategy. As a result, our revenue has doubled in the first year of its implementation.  Additionally, he established procedures for tracking our bookings, backlog, invoices and accounts receivable.  This has enabled us to be more responsive to our customers and yielded a major improvement in our profitability……”
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“……. Ken Loewenstern has been instrumental in our corporate redirection.  He has steered us to functional organization management with delegation and accountability, implemented a proactive sales and marketing program, analyzed our production costs and price structure, selectively increased prices, and facilitated the expansion of our product line.  It would be difficult for us to find a more valuable resource…….. ”